Oral Sources


The Centre is engaged in projects for the collection, archiving and utilization of oral sources for the study of business activity, especially in Lombardy, Piedmont and Emilia. The accounts collected form part of an audiovisual archive on the world of business.

In this respect, the following are some of the projects that have been completed:

  • Leading photographers give an account of their careers, from both a professional and an artistic point of view. www.culturadiimpresa.org/fotografi
  • Collection of accounts of employees at the Pirelli factory in Settimo Torinese.
  • Recollections of business people engaged in commerce and handicrafts in Milan and its province.
  • The world of the stock exchange and its brokers.
  • Reconstruction of the lives of entrepreneurs: Giannino Bassetti, Guido Ucelli di Nemi and Eugenio Radice Fossati.
  • People and work in the Olivetti factory under the management of Adriano Olivetti, 1948–78.
  • The world of cooperatives (Coop Lombardia, CCPL Consorzio di Produzione Lavoro, Coopsette).
  • History of immigration in Pero, 1950–70.
  • The places of tradition and work in the region of Lombardy.