Research and Promotion


The Centre promotes studies and research on the history of business, the economic fabric and the network of chambers of commerce that often result in publications, websites and multimedia presentations.

These include:

Promotion of the history of the long-established businesses in the Register of historic enterprises promoted on a national level by Unioncamere (Union of Chambers of Commerce).
An important research project has involved the Milan Stock Exchange through the reconstruction of its two hundred years of history (, drawing on use of the testimony of stockbrokers, research into shares, the semiotics of the gestures of stock exchange traders and archive sources.  
Museoweb of the economy of the Varese area (; promoted by the Varese Chamber of Commerce that relates the history of long-established businesses making use of the testimony of entrepreneurs, archive documents and illustrations. 

The hundred years of Bosisio in the illustrated historical reconstruction of an entrepreneurial venture.

The history of Assimpredil (Association of Building Contractors and Related Businesses in the provinces of Milan, Lodi and Monza and Brianza) is recounted with reference to the urban fabric and architecture of the Milan area through its official website and the publication of a book.
The Centre has also published catalogues of the material and immaterial heritage of the chamber of commerce and businesses.
Publication of commemorative postcards of the historical businesses promoted by the chambers of commerce of Monza, Reggio Emilia and Chieti.